BORN: A Butoh Parable (current work-in-progress). A symbiosis of Butoh dance, original music composition and surrealist tropical landscapes communicates the ineffable in this exploration of humanity’s relationship to nature. What is the archetypal journey of ‘humankind’ through separation, disconnect from and destruction of nature and return to re-wilding of the senses? How do we embody the cycles of death and rebirth, loss and regaining of innocence? Watch this teaser:

Pirates in the Caribbean? Gangsters in paradise? Social misfits or culture revolutionaries? The biographical documentary LIFE AFTER BABYLON: The Jungle Diaries features ex-pats in Costa Rica who share defiant perspectives on life and the status quo. Watch the full documentary here for free:

A short feature on the non-profit organization Choose Again, with field offices in Costa Rica, Canada, and the Netherlands, working in mental, emotional and attitudinal healing.

A trailer for the Lazarus Health Project, and educational portal for wellness, holistic and integrative health videos, produced in Vancouver, BC, Canada:


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